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Instant precision dutch oven and Instant Pot Pro Plus together on a grey back ground.

Instant Pot’s New Product Launch

Whether you’re looking for yourself or as a gift, Instant Pot always has something that brings smiles to faces all over the world. With that said, I’m super excited to keep you updated on Instant Pot’s new product launch.

Instant Pot has changed the world of pressure cooking for everyone. With their Multi-Cookers you can have an all in one kitchen appliance that will do the same work as about 11 others. That not only saves space but also time. Two things that most of us would love to have more of, so thank you Instant Pot!

But now they’re back at it again providing our kitchens with even more ingenuity allowing us to cook like pros, with ease.

Let’s take a look!

Instant Pot Pro Plus

Instant Pot Pro with wireless connection via smartphone.

The Instant Pot Pro Plus is the newest and only fully connected multi-cooker from Instant Brand.

This allows you to wirelessly operate the unit right from your phone. Also, by using the Instant Brand’s Connect App you’ll have access to over 800 smart recipes to choose from. Pick the recipe you’re making and the app will wirelessly program the Instant Pot Pro Plus for you. Simply follow the cooking instructions in the app and you’re good to go!

You can also wirelessly release the steam…WHAAAT?!

Of course, all of the regular functionality is still there. However, as an added bonus there’s now a one-touch steam release button on the control panel as well.

The Instant Pot Pro Plus is 10 in 1 Multi Cooker. The functions include a Pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté pan, yogurt maker, warmer, canning pot, sous vide, and NutriBoost.

Wait…What’s NutriBoost?

NutriBoost is essentially a self-stirring functionality. By using intermittent bursts of steam the Instant Pot moves the contents around, like stirring. This is great for softening vegetables when making soup and also achieving a creamy texture to recipes such as risotto. If you’ve ever had your rice stick the bottom of the pot, this alleviates that issue as well. This feature isn’t available on all of the Instant Pot Multi-Cookers and I’ve never personally used it. However, those that have say it’s an amazing feature to have.

Who Needs the Instant Pot Pro Plus

I would say this is going to be best suited for the busiest of home cooks. With the ability to wirelessly connect to the Instant Pot Pro Plus parents that are working and running kids all over can stay connected and have dinner ready when it needs to be.

Also, the entertaining home cooks. I personally love to cook for family and friends. Think about this! You could have something cooking in the Instant Pot Pro Plus for a Saturday night get together while doing whatever you wanna do, wherever you want to do it. I sure do love technology at times!

Next, I’m going to cover one of the most exciting new products from Instant Pot’s launch!

The Instant Precision 6qt Dutch Oven

Instant Precision Dutch Oven by Instant Pot in red and grey.

If you’re an avid Chicken Fried Kitchen Recipe follower(which I hope you are)then you already know that I love cooking in a dutch oven.

I currently use one oval Le Creuset and a round Martha Stewart dutch oven. Both are incredible and always provide excellent results. They’re traditional enameled cast iron and I believe one of the most essential pieces of the kitchen. However, sometimes technology just can’t be ignored.

The Instant Precision Dutch Oven provides precise control over your dutch oven cooking. Braising, searing, sautéing, and slow cooking, can now be done with precision providing gourmet results at the push of a button.

Just like the dutch oven’s I mentioned before, the Instant Precision Dutch Oven includes a heavy-duty enameled cast-iron cooking pot and lid. Not only will it last you forever but it looks amazing as well!

As if that wasn’t enough, the pot can be removed from the cooking base and used on the stove top or in the oven just like it’s more traditional counter parts.

Now you can set the exact time and temperature to braise, sear, sauté, and slow cook like a pro. Not ready to serve yet, thats okay, set it to keep warm.

However, when you are ready to serve your family and friends, simply pull the dutch oven out of its base and place it right on the dining room table for a beautiful presentation.

In Conclusion

When thinking about these products from Instant Pot’s New Product Launch I think about how I would personally use them.

Allow me to paint this picture for you….

It’s a crisp, cool, Saturday morning in Texas. I know that I’m going to have company over on this particular evening and as usual I want to share an amazing meal with my family and friends.

While I love cooking, I don’t really want to spend my entire beautiful Saturday doing so.

I decide that I’m going to serve a Salad with Beef Short Ribs, Mushroom Risotto, and a loaf of freshly baked Rosemary Bread. I’ll get the short ribs going in the Instant Dutch Oven since that’s going to take a while anyway. Then get the Risotto all set up and connected through my phone in the Instant Pot Pro Plus, my bread will be rising in the fridge so I can bake that just before company comes over. The aroma of all of this is going to make mouths water instantly. But here’s the kicker, I’m not even home while all of this going on, I’m on the golf course enjoying the beautiful day.

Sounds like Instant Brands has my life easier once again!

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Of course, as usual…

Happy Cooking!


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