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Father's Day Gift Idea Guide 2021


Hey guys! Welcome to Chicken Fried Kitchen’s Father’s Day Gift Idea Guide 2021! This is a Dad written – Dad approved gift guide, and I absolutely love curating these lists for gift ideas. It gives me a chance to see what’s new out there and how we can all benefit from peoples awesome ideas.

As usual, I’ll be focusing on those Dad’s that like to cook and eat. I have recommendations for all Chef Dads!

Whether it be outside or inside cooking, or new or experienced cooks. I even have stuff for Dad’s that don’t know how to cook, but like making it look like they do!

Well, what are we waiting for…Father’s Day is just around the corner on June 20th 2021. Let’s dive right in!


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Southside Market and Barbeque is first on my fathers day gift idea guide as well as one of the most famous BBQ places in Texas, and rightfully so. They began selling BBQ out of the back of a truck in 1882, making them the oldest bbq joint in Texas. So, if authentic Texas BBQ is a favorite of Dad’s, look no further.

Especially, if he doesn’t own a smoker or know what to do with one if he did, this will be right up his alley. Everything is pre-smoked and shipped frozen. All Dad has to do is thaw it, throw it on the grill or in the oven, and heat it up!

Southside Market and BBQ has everything you could ever ask for in Texas BBQ. Including but not limited to post oak smoked, brisket, ribs, and sausage. They also have chicken, seasonings, sauces, and gift sets galore to fulfill anyones BBQ dreams!

However, if you aren’t sure what kind of BBQ Dad secretly dreams about, they also offer gift cards so you can help make his wildest dreams come true right on the Southside Market and BBQ website.

One last thing before you move on to the next option!

The folks over there at Southside were awesome enough to send me a bunch of their Sausage Slammers to try out. These little bundles of BBQ Heaven are amazing! They took real cheddar cheese and stuffed that in half a jalapeño, wrapped it with their sausage, then wrapped bacon around that! THEN…they smoked it just like any real Texan would using that infamous Post Oak!

I promise you, if nothing else gets a Dad all riled up, explain to him what I just explained to you!


Ooni Outdoor Setup

Ooni has revolutionized the way that pizza is made at home. Long gone are the days of frozen pizza, big brick ovens, and expensive fancy pizzerias to get that amazing pizza that everyone swoons over.

Before now, getting a wood-fired pizza in your backyard was either extremely expensive due to the equipment necessary or near impossible for most…because of, wellthe equipment necessary.

Then came along the Ooni Pizza Oven. These portable backyard pizza ovens are powered by either wood pellets, gas, or some even offer the use of both.

On the inside of an Ooni you’ll find an L shaped line of fire that heats up the oven to a perfect 950°f within 15 minutes. That temperature met with the stone surface guarantees a crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside crust in just 60 seconds. There are some tricks to achieving the best pizza you’ll ever have, but that should go without saying.

If the Dad you’re shopping for loves pizza, entertaining, and learning a new way of cooking that he never thought would be affordable, this is the gift for him!

Trust me, I know! My Ooni Fyra is on its way right now. I chose the 12″ Ooni Fyra as it uses wood pellets and is extremely portable and compact. Weighing in at only 22 lbs and measuring 22.7 x 15.5 x 28.6″ it seems like the perfect size for the way I’ll be using it.

Wanting to travel with your Ooni Pizza Oven? SURE! The legs fold up and they even make carrying cases!

This is the perfect addition for any outdoor cooking enthusiast, especially those that love pizza!

PRO TIP: For this Father’s Day Gift, If you decide this is the route…Visit our Homemade Pizza Dough Recipe!


The Blackstone Griddle was my early Father’s Day gift from my wife and kids. In all honesty, I got mine about 2 months early and have used it AT LEAST 3 times a week.

The Blackstone Griddle changes the way you look at outdoor cooking.

Let me start with breakfast. I’ve been making our family breakfast every weekend since we assembled the griddle. I haven’t ventured out in the breakfast cuisine much, but its because its just too damn good.

Thick Cut Bacon, Hashbrowns, and Over Easy Eggs.

This is the kind of breakfast that takes you back to a time that maybe you never even knew.

The smell of bacon cooking outside while i’m surrounded by 90ft pine trees takes me to a place I’ve always wanted and never knew existed. There’s something about cooking an entire breakfast for your Wife and Kids, outside, that makes you feel like a real provider. I clearly didn’t hunt the bacon or raise the chickens, but I sure as hell feel like I did when I’m cooking on a Blackstone!

That bacon, that feeling, hash browns sizzling and quick cooking eggs puts a smile on the whole families face come Saturday morning.

I’ve also made Smash Burgers that my Father in Law said he had dreams about that evening, along with Chicken, Shrimp, & Steak Fajitas that rival every Tex Mex restaurant within 100 miles.

Blackstone has quickly become a tradition in our family and I Highly recommend it for yours as well.

Trust me, it’ll put a new pep in Dad’s Step!


Okay, now… if you decided that a griddle is the way for this years fathers day gift, then you can’t skimp on the accessories.

Even if Dad already has an outdoor griddle, these accessories are an absolute must.

A set of long spatulas is essential. When making fajitas, Philly cheesesteaks, or veggies, these two spatulas make everything SO much easier..and…(fancier looking)!

The food scraper is perfect for cleaning the griddle when you’re done cooking or even in the off chance something starts to stick. Scrape up the goodies on the grill top or simply push it off into the grease trap. either way its an essential tool.

Two plastic bottles? Really…Are these essential? ABSOLUTELY! One for water and One for oil!

Let’s say you’re making some Philly’s or Smash Burgers and you wanna create some steam to melt the cheese. Use one of the plastic bottles and spray a circle of water around the meat. INSTANT STEAM!

Wait, this brings me to another griddle essential. You see, the steam will just dissipate if you don’t have anything to trap it with. Therefore, a melting dome is an absolute must! This traps the steam and heat which creates perfectly melted cheese on anything!

Okay, shoot, this brings me to a few more things! A LARGE spatula, All Purpose Seasoning Shaker, and Burger Press! These are essential tools to making the perfect smash burgers but I also use the spatula for hash browns.

If you were to get the griddle and accessories together, he’ll never forget this gift, but I guarantee you and your family won’t either!


Cast Iron is literally everything when it comes to a fathers day gift! Which means that it’s the essential starting point or addition for any Chef Dad!

I certainly couldn’t leave it out of my Father’s Day Gift Idea Guide 2021!

In my honest opinion, I wish I started cooking in cast iron from the very beginning. It quickly becomes non-stick, doesn’t need the dishwasher, easy to clean, high heat, versatile, rugged, and beautiful all at the same time. WHAT?!! Yeah, its everything!

So this Set of Cast Iron is the perfect all in one life long set. Literally, your great grandkids will be using this or it’ll end up in an antique store for twice as much as you buy it for today. Reason being, seasoning!

Dad is going to cook in this ALL the time. On the stove, grill, camp site, and in the oven. He’ll make great soups stews, pot pies, skillets, and perfectly seared steaks.

Pssst…Moms…if you want him to make amazing meals with minimal dishes…this cast Iron set with The Blackstone Griddle is the way to go!

Let your In-Laws know!


Last but absolutely not least is a cast iron cookbook I received as a gift for Christmas from my Mother in Law last year.

It would be also be amazing as a Fathers Day Gift in 2021.

The Recipe Book entitled ‘CAST IRON: The Ultimate Cookbook‘ by Rachael Narins is a beautiful hard cover cookbook covering over 300 international recipes for cast iron cooking.

As a recipe food blogger reviewing a recipe book, I have to say that the recipes are incredible and the photographs…well…they are just as amazing, if not more.

This particular book really kicked me in the butt to step up my own work while providing a base of standards when it comes to cast iron cooking. From beginners to the more experienced, everyone will find fantastic recipes and information in this beautiful work of art.

In Conclusion:

If you’re looking for a Father’s Day Gift Guide 2021 and your Dad or Husband is a cooking kind of guy then this is the list for you. Cast Iron, Outdoor cooking, Backyard pizzeria, and easy cleanup is the theme for 2021!

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