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Instant Ace Nova Cooking and Beverage Blender on a wooden counter top.

Instant Ace Nova Cooking Blender Reviews

I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t mention my take on the Instant Ace Nova Cooking Blender Reviews right up front. When reading reviews on their website it appears that people have complained that liquid comes out of the bottom and rightfully so. I haven’t personally had this problem and I would say my blender has been through heavy use.

Now that we have that out the way, I FLIPPIN’ LOVE THIS BLENDER! It’s everything to me!

Prior to being the proud owner of an Instant Ace Blender, I was using an older version of the Ninja. Which is also a great manufacturer and I’m not bashing their product by any means. However, anytime I used it everything would get pushed to the side. Essentially, it wasn’t blending and I spent more time scooping everything back to the center than the blender did…blending. My hopes and dreams were to one day add a Vitamix to my culinary arsenal. But let’s be real, with a base price of around $200 and the next models almost doubling that price, it’s just not in the budget for a food bloggin’ father of two.

Enter the Instant Ace Cooking and Beverage Blender! This thing does it all and I’m going to explain each one of them to you, rather thoroughly in fact!

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Instant Ace Nova Blender Modes

Instant Ace Nova Cooking and Beverage Blender Mode Panel close up.

As you can see in the above image the Instant Ace Blender has 11 modes plus a self cleaning mode.

Instant Ace Nova Purée Mode

I would like to start with the Purée mode simply because that is the first mode I used.

This is a pretty funny story actually. So, I was working on developing a recipe for Hatch Chile Cheesecake with a Raspberry coulis. I needed to test the Raspberry Hatch Chile Coulis first to be sure it was everything I hoped for. Keep in mind, I had just gotten my Instant Ace Blender and never used it before.

So, I began my coulis like I normally would in a pot over the stove. Once it all started cooking down I decided it was time to put the blender to the test. I poured everything form the pot into the blender and pressed purée. Much to my surprise it began doing all of the work that I had just done on the stove…again. The temperature came up on the screen, it started heating the mixture, pulsed, heated, and repeated. After about 15ish minutes it was done and set to keep warm.

My mind was seriously blown. I went from a blender that didn’t do a very good job at blending to one that did everything except add the ingredients.

Instant Ace Nova Smoothie Mode

The smoothie mode is also amazing. It’s as simple as tossing in the ingredients and pushing the button. You don’t have to stop and stir or anything. It does all the work for you just like the purée option.

Instant Ace Nova Soup Mode

I absolutely love the soup mode on the Instant Ace Nova Blender. My first test was a fresh tomato basil soup using all fresh ingredients. Literally, I put all the fresh veggies and some chicken stock in the blender and pressed soup. It begins blending and boiling at the same time. At the end I add the cream and some cheese. My 7 year old daughter said it was the best soup she’s ever had and let me tell you, unfortunately she typically doesn’t like my cooking. she would much rather have some mac n cheese.

Instant Ace Nova Frozen Dessert Mode

What’s not so obvious is the power of the Frozen Dessert Mode. My initial thoughts went straight to margaritas but again, much to my amazement, you can also make your own ice cream with a few simple ingredients and the push of a button. You better believe there are going to be many recipes to come with that setting. We LOVE ice cream in our house!

Instant Ace Nova Milking Modes

Now, the Soy milk, Rice milk, and Nut/Oat Milk settings are equally incredible to me. By using soaked soy beans, almonds, rice, etc. mixed with water and sweeteners of your choice you get amazingly creamy and flavorful fresh milk with the push of a button. At that point it’s as easy as straining your milk using one of Instants strainers, a fine mesh strainer, or a cheesecloth.

In regard to making almond milk, one thing I found fascinating was the ability to use the remaining almond as almond flour. Talk about waste not want not am I right?

Instant Ace Nova Standard Modes

The crushed ice and pulse settings are pretty self explanatory.

Is The Ace Nova Blender Worth it?

In my very, very honest opinion, absolutely! The quality of the blender is amazing as is it’s functionality. I’ve read other Instant Ace Nova Cooking Blender reviews that don’t agree. However, everyone is different. I appreciate the preset modes as well as the versatility. It seems to me that by having a blender that makes cooking so easy, it opens the doors to possibilities most average home cooks wouldn’t ever think of attempting.

Instant Ace Nova Blender FAQ’s

How many Watts is the Instant Ace Nova Blender?

The Instant Ace Nova Blender is 1000 Watts.

Can the Ace Nova Blender be used a food processor?

Yes, absolutely it can. Because of the design of the blades it easily takes the place of food processor and so much more.

How does the Instant Ace Nova Blender heat food?

Unlike most of its competitors, the Instant Nova Blender has a built in heating element that heats the food as opposed to heating through friction.

How much does the Instant Ace Nova Blender Cost

I’m glad that we are finally here. I know I’ve gone on and on in all of these Instant Ace Nova Blender Reviews of the modes and its ease of use. But let’s talk about its ease on the bank account as well. This blender can do anything that any other consumer available blender can do and way more with a price tag under $100.

In Conclusion

When reading through all of the Instant Ace Nova Cooking Blender Reviews I think it’s important to consider quality, functionality, and price. But most importantly what you want to use it for. If you’re just making a margarita or milk shake every now and then, you may not need all this functionality.

However, If you’ve always wanted a Vitamix but didn’t want to spend the money, have a blender that just doesn’t work the way you want, or you simply want to expand your culinary tools, this is the blender for you.

Pair it with an Instant Pot Multi-cooker and you can have an appetizer, dinner, and dessert prepared in minutes with the press of a few buttons.

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I’ve had a ton of fun with my Instant Ace Nova Blender and I trust you will too!

Questions or Comments? I LOVE THEM!